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Cancellation Policy aims to provide accurate information when it comes to the policy, however, the cancellation policy is one of the important concerns for customers. It is always advised that before buying or making any purchase online, you should go through the policy pages of the website.

With our cancellation policy, our customers can easily rely on us. Read below for more details if they need help canceling their product.

1.No cancellations will be accepted if made after getting tracking details.
2.No cancellations or refunds will be considered for next-day shipping.
3. Cancellation of orders can be requested within two hours of placing the order. For the amount that can be refunded on such cancellations, please refer to our refund policy.
4. All cancellation requests must be made via email with full order details and a valid reason.
5. The order cannot be canceled if payment was made by debit/credit card or PayPal etc.
6. Order cancellations totally depend on the shipping procedure. It is therefore recommended to check the status of your order and then proceed with the cancellation.