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Privacy Policy

PRIVACY POLICY Our customer’s information is an asset to us. We keep the data private and we do not share it with any outside agency. We maintain the data to keep our customers updated with the payment and order details. Thus, it is used for keeping transparency between us and our customers, so the details are secured and safe.

Customer Data:
Our privacy policy has been carefully designed to protect the personal and confidential information of our customers and visitors. Privacy policies are consistent with the main health services and products recommended by our team.

Privacy Policy: maintains and stores customer data in secure and optimized systems. We use a secure platform – the company does not in any way give, share or outsource customer and visitor data to third parties. Abortion Pills
Customer information obtained through orders is only stored for transactional purposes – we use this information in case of returns and backorders.
The company has a special technical, physical and administrative system to protect the confidential customer data that we collect.